Frequently Asked Questions

Monte-Carlo Affiliates is the affiliate platform which includes some of the greatest brands in online gaming:

  • Monte-Carlo Casino is the official online representation of the legendary Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, the playground of the rich and famous. Star of the silver screen and haunt of some of the greatest gamblers in history.  The Monte-Carlo® Online Casino is the natural home of premium online gaming and the primary destination for high value players. It’s an exclusive place to be entertained in the classic tradition of the Principality of Monaco.
  • Created in 2004, Everest Poker is one of the most recognizable poker rooms throughout the world with a leading position in Europe. Successfully positioned as the place to play for both those who know poker and for those who want to know poker, Everest Poker continues to provide the best gaming experience to its players and to support poker communities around the world.
  • Everest Casino delivers on the strong brand values created by years of excellence within the industry; a trusted, well-localized and exciting online gaming destination that caters to all players – beginners as well as savvy high rollers.
  • Imperial Casino in the most established and recognized casino brand in Japan.  It is a fully localized gaming destination that delivers on all expectations: from the overall look and feel, to expertly translated website and gaming platform, to localized payment methods and highly knowledgeable, native-speaking customer support.

Simply click here to access our registration page, where you will have to fill in your details. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a joining confirmation within 48 hours.

We’re on the Income Access platform,  the market leader in affiliate marketing.

Yes! Once you have the affiliate account approved, you can add more websites under the same account. With our great reporting tools you can individually track the performance of each of these websites.

50% revenue share for the first 3 months is the welcome promotion from our affiliate program. As a new affiliate we offer you a fix revenue share of 50% in the first three months of activity, to allow you to grow your players’ base while getting a nice revenue share. After the third month of activity, your commission structure will go to the default version, rewarding you on a progressive plan depending on the Net Revenue generated each month.

Yes, we offer a sub-affiliate program. Please ask your affiliate manager or drop an email to for details.

You can earn up to 40% revenue share each month. The commission is calculated on a Net Revenue base, so more revenues your players bring to our brands, more you will increase your share. Also, the commission will fluctuate according to the amount of net revenue generated every month. So, if in one month you generate a total of €7,000 in Net Revenue, your commission will be 30%. If the revenue from the next month will go up to €30,500 your commission will be 40%. All your player’s activity is taken into consideration when calculating the final revenue.

The revenue share commission is calculated on a brand lever. Say for example in a month your players will generate a total net revenue of €15,500 on Everest Casino and €7,000 on Everest Poker. You will receive 35% of the revenue generated by the Everest Casino players and 30% of the revenue generated by the Everest Poker players.

The negative commission from one brand will be offset against the commission from the other brands. For example, if you have a revenue share commission of €400 On Everest Casino and a revenue share commission of -€100 on Imperial Casino, your total commission will be €300.

The High Roller rule states that if a player generates a negative win of at least €10,000 or more in a month in which your total net revenue is of at least €2,000 or more, then the negative balance generated by the High Roller will be carried forward and offset against future net revenues generated by this particular High Roller. His negative balance will not affect in any way the revenue generated by your other players.

Yes, we are open to CPA and hybrid deals. Please contact your affiliate manager or drop us an email at to discuss the details.

The minimum amount to be paid out is €100 (€500 for Japan only). If your affiliate commission is lower than this amount, we will simply roll it over to the next month.

We process affiliate payments at the beginning of each month via one of your preferred methods: Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), Paypal or Bank Wire

If you lost your password, simply click on the “Forgot your password” link from the registration page and you will receive an automatic email with the next steps. If you forgot both your id and password, please drop u an email at with your Affiliate ID or the registered affiliate link.

All your commission was automatically transferred to your new Monte-Carlo Affiliates account. Please update your payment details and you will be paid in the next affiliate commission payment process. The minimum amount to be paid out is €100 (€500 for Japan only). If your affiliate commission is lower than this amount, we will simply roll it over to the next month.

Please use the same login details as for Beaffiliates.